Is the sound of a ringing telephone driving you crazy? Here are ten reasons why you need to outsource your call handling today.

Why your business needs a call handling service:

1. Changing employees

Say goodbye to the nightmare of your HR team; employee turnover headaches and hours spent training new starts. With an outsourced solution you can guarantee a continued high quality service and avoid the hassle of full time employee contracts.

2. Holidays/sick days

With SmartPA’s support you eliminate the need to hire expensive temp workers during holidays and sickness or attempting to spread the workload through your current staff which often results in poor handovers and things slipping through the net.

3. Office space

Struggling for office space already? With real estate at a premium, adding extra desks, technology and licenses are a high-cost investment alongside ongoing property overheads. Equally, if you are growing your business from home or shared office space, in-house call handling support is not feasible. Partnering with SmartPA allows you to harness the shared economy model and benefit from on-demand, affordable services.

4. Build your brand

Loyal customers mean returning business and referrals. It’s important every client feels the value of engaging with you and your business. We take the time to know what your brand proposition is to ensure your customers (returning or new) benefit from a seamless experience that represents you.

5. Scalable costs

For industries such as property, construction and retail we understand that there are those months where the phones are busier than usual. With our completely scalable packages you only pay for a certain number of calls on a month by month basis.

6. No missed sales opportunities

BT Business reveals that most customers only call twice before they take their business elsewhere. For about 20% of your customers, they won’t even make that second call. At SmartPA we answer within three rings, so you benefit from 100% of potential sale opportunities.

7. Cut out the cold callers

There’s a reason that cold calling has such a bad reputation – it’s annoying. We filter out the noise and ensure that you only speak to who you need to.

8. Impress your customers

Great customer service is the cornerstone of any business and 66% of B2B customers say that they have stopped buying a service after a bad experience. Our professional and helpful staff ensure that your customers know that their call is important and help to develop positive relationships.  

9. Scarcity

Some of our clients have made the transition from anyone in the office picking up the phone to creating a sense of depth in the company. If you wanted to speak to the head of marketing, you wouldn’t expect them to pick up the phone when you ring. By implementing a front line customer services team you are making the impression that your company is bigger and more professional.

10. Work on your business

Finally, our mission at SmartPA is to empower our clients to be able to spend more time on their business than in it. Regain those hours spent on the phone and look at the bigger picture.