Do you need a business address in Brighton?

If you work from home, or from a temporary serviced office you may want to have a professional looking business address to help you make the right impression with clients and prospects. You can use the address on your website, your correspondence and your business cards. Please note a business address is not the same as a registered address.

Mail forwarding and handling

If you use us as your business address, we can forward your mail to your home or any other address that you specify for an additional cost. You can ring, email or pop in to the office to see if you have had any post.

You can switch these services on and off again, as and when you need to. Just like everything we do, our business address and mail forwarding services are totally flexible, designed to suit the fast-changing commercial landscape and your equally fast-changing needs.

Arrange a formal business address and mail forwarding

If you’d like to tap into a service that boosts your credibility and professionalism, give us a call to set things up. We’re always happy to answer your questions too, so feel free to ask. Call us on 01273 447111

What is the difference between a registered address and a business address?

A registered address is ‘where official communications will be sent’ it must be a physical address, not a PO Box number, unless it includes a physical address and postcode after it. The registered address must be in the country that your company is registered in, so if you are registered in Scotland the address must have a registered address in Scotland. Registered addresses are publicly available. You can use your home address or the address of the person who will be managing your Corporation Tax – often companies will use their accountants address.


Business Address




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